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Securing Educational Initiatives: See Effective Cyber Defense in Action

Thursday, October 15
10:30am-11:30am EST


Cisco Cyber Security Experts

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These times are challenging enough without cybersecurity getting in the way.

·   How do you respond to the urgency of the moment and take immediate action to protect your learners, educators, applications, assets, and infrastructure?

·   How can you formulate an integrated defense strategy with Cloud Mailbox Defense, the newest and easiest protection for Office 365 environments?

·   How can you simplify your security ecosystem with SecureX, the industry’s broadest and most integrated security platform, for improved threat visibility and operational efficiencies?

Our cybersecurity experts will answer these and other questions in this session. You will see effective cyber defense in action with integrated solution demos. Please join us for actionable insights you can use immediately to improve your security posture.

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