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SASE Security Academy

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Cisco Cloud Security Experts

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Security is moving to the cloud

Digital business transformation and the shift to a more distributed workforce are driving the need for anywhere, anytime access to resources, wherever they may exist. These changes require networking and security to move to the cloud, where they can be delivered as a single converged service with flexible deployment and consumption models. That's where the secure access service edge (SASE) model comes in.

This 5-session series starts from the ground up and gives you all the information you need to get started with SASE. You'll learn more about the SASE model, how to improve your networking and security agility, and how to protect your organization from advanced threats.

Titles and Topics:

Getting started with SASE
Learn how Cisco's approach to SASE can help you converge, connect, and control multiple networking and security functions in a single cloud service.

Simplify, secure, and scale with SASE 
Discover the three core tenets of SASE: simplicity, security, scalability, and the importance of keeping these in mind as you develop your SASE strategy for your organization.

Reduce complexity, gain efficiency with SASE
See how you can move access control to the cloud edge, converge multiple security functions in the cloud, and gain infrastructure improvements to help your business scale into 2021.

SASE helps improve threat detection
Our experts will share first-hand data about today's threat landscape and top threat trends. They will demonstrate how Cisco’s unmatched threat intelligence can help you adapt to constantly shifting threat vectors, connect and protect users at the edge, and keep your users and their data safe.

Cisco’s approach to SASE: live demo
Cisco Umbrella can help you consolidate multiple security functions in a single cloud-delivered service to improve both security and network performance.

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