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The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud
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Why security is moving to the cloud

Digital business transformation is moving security to the cloud, which drives a need for converged services to reduce complexity, improve speed and agility, and secure the new network architecture of tomorrow. With more users, devices, applications, services and data located outside of the enterprise rather than inside, the existing security models are failing to meet today's business needs.

The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Find out how Gartner defines the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and what steps they recommend for security and risk management leaders to reduce complexity as security shifts from the data center to the user and/or device. In this new report, you'll receive recommendations on how to:

  1. Position the adoption of SASE
  2. Shift staff from managing boxes to delivering policy-based security services
  3. Utilize software-defined WAN as a springboard for network transformation
  4. Adopt integrated cloud security services that are simple, scalable, and flexible.

Learn more in Gartner's new report: The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud.

Source: Gartner, The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud: 30 August 2019; Lawerence Orans, Joe Skorupa, Neil MacDonald.