AV-Test places Cisco Umbrella first in security efficacy
Leader in detection and protection
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Lots of network security providers claim they are the best. Well, we’ve got proof! Brand new third-party research from AV-Test reveals Cisco Umbrella is the leader in security efficacy according to the 2020 Cisco DNS & Proxy Protection Test.

If you’re tired of getting endless security alerts and chasing threats that could have been blocked before damage occurred, you need to read this report!

Learn how Cisco Umbrella stacks up against Zscaler, Palo Alto Networks, Infoblox and more. Appliances and hybrid-cloud solutions can’t come close to enforcing that many threats at once.

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AV-TEST GmbH is an independent supplier of services in the fields of IT Security and Antivirus Research, focusing on the detection and analysis of the latest malicious software and its use in comprehensive comparative testing of security products.

AV-TEST is the leading independent research institute for IT security from Germany. For more than 15 years, the experts from Magdeburg have guaranteed quality-assuring comparison and individual tests of virtually all internationally relevant IT security products.

AV-TEST has operated since 2004 and employs more than 30 team members, professionals with extensive practical experience. The AV-TEST laboratories include 300 client and server systems, where more than 2,500 terabytes of independently-collected test data, containing both malicious and harmless sample information, are stored and processed.

About the DNS and Proxy Protection test

In November and December 2019, AV-TEST performed a review of Cisco cloud security solutions alongside comparable offerings from Akamai, Infoblox, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec and Zscaler.

In order to ensure a fair review, the research participants did not supply any samples (such as URLs or meta data) and did not influence or have any prior knowledge of the samples being tested. All products were configured to provide the highest level of protection, utilizing all security-related features available at the time.

The test focused on the detection rate of links pointing directly to PE malware (e.g. EXE files), links pointing to other forms of malicious files (e.g. html, Javascript) as well as phishing URLs. A total of 3,668 samples were included in the testing. For more information please visit AV-Test.