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Cisco Advanced Threat Security Academy

9-week seminar series: On Demand


Cisco Security Experts 

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Cyberthreats are evolving - but so are our cybersecurity defenses

When it comes to IT security, everyone has a role to play. Cisco Security wants to make sure that you have the right tools to stay on top of today’s targeted threats.

This 9-week Webex series featured updates and training for the most attacked threat vectors Including email, DNS, and endpoint, along with topics like threat research and more.

Our experts discussed cyber security news and spoke with threat researchers from Cisco Talos and other industry experts. We’ll cover topics including ransomware, deep learning for hackers, dynamic malware analysis, and advice on how to transform your network security and performance.

If you missed a session or just want to watch again, complete the form to access all 9 recordings. Be sure to bookmark the On Demand Recordings page for easy future reference.  

Available On Demand - Cisco AMP Premier and SecureX ThreatHunt
Available On Demand - Protecting External and Internal DNS
Available On Demand - Hypothesis Based Threat Hunting - MITRE
Available On Demand - Cisco Security Awareness Training
Available On Demand - Cisco Domain Protection
Available On Demand - ThreatGrid Malware Analytics
Available On Demand - Cloud Mailbox Defense O365 Protection
Available On Demand - Cross Platform Detection and Response (XDR)
Available On Demand - Cisco Endpoint Security Analytics (CESA)

Note: these virtual sessions are for informational purposes only. No credits or certifications will be provided upon completion of these classes.

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